What is the Benevolence Ministry?

The Benevolence Ministry seeks to embody the love of Christ by representing the hands and feet of Christ through providing comfort, support, and financial assistance to people in need.

What is the Benevolence fund?

 The Benevolence Fund is a limited financial fund, made available by application to anyone struggling financially due to unforeseen circumstances. The money is granted as a gift, and repayment is not expected. However, if you are blessed in the future and would like to help someone else, you may repay the gift. It will be used to help someone else in need.

how do i apply for  Benevolence assistance?

In order to potentially receive assistance from the benevolence ministry, you must complete the benevolence application in its entirety. After completing the application, please submit it to the following email address:   A team member from our benevolence ministry will contact you to go over your application and obtain any needed additional information. 

After speaking with you and finalizing your application, our benevolence team will meet to prayerfully consider your request. If your request is approved, a team member will contact you for next steps regarding how we will meet your requested need.  

Click HERE to download the application for you to complete.